Jonathan Wiesenthal


Phone: 905-731-8100 ext. 203

Jonathan applies his diverse legal and non-legal background to deliver tailored, quick and common-sense legal and litigation solutions for his clients.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor (Hons) Degree from McGill University, a Master of Science Degree from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a law degree (JD) from the University of Windsor Law School. During his undergraduate studies, Jonathan was a visiting student at LSE where he completed the prestigious General Course program studying Economics.

Prior to joining RAR Litigation, Jonathan ran his own civil litigation practice, where he handled corporate-commercial and construction litigation matters among others. He has extensive experience in litigation and strives to bring his business and litigation knowledge to realize practical, in-depth results for his clients. Jonathan believes that access and face-to-face meetings are critical for developing effective client-solicitor relationships and for realizing legal objectives. 

Jonathan was previously a Constituency Director and Special Assistant to a Member of Canada’s Parliament.

Jonathan is trilingual and offers services in English, French and Hebrew.